Licensed Psychologist, #PSY6906
Individual Psychotherapy
Cognitive / behavioral and Jungian approaches

Serving San Francisco and the Bay Area for the past 30 years

Individual Therapy

Individual Therapy

Dr. Karr works with a wide variety of clients and issues. He does not work with children or adolescents. He works with clients from 21 to 90+ years old.

He has extensive experience with the issues of anxiety, depression, life success, mid-life crisis, death and dying issues, professional issues, sexual dysfunction, sexual identity, Gay-Lesbian issues, transsexual issues, transvestite issues, multiple personalities, cross-cultural issues, relationship, commitment, and intimacy issues. He also is very experienced with addiction issues, alcohol, drugs, sex, the Internet, as well as codependency and ACA issues.

He also has a good deal of experience of abuse, physical, sexual and emotional. He works with both victims and perpetrators, including teaching processes of anger management. He works with meditation and hypnosis for patients to regress and remember childhood memories of abuse or violation. He gears the therapy to the particular needs of the client. This may include short-term focused problem solving approaches with short-term therapy to long-term Jungian analytic depth therapy approaches utilizing dreams, the archetypes, the shadow, etc.