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Dr. Rodney G. Karr
Yelp Reviews

Bill S., San Francisco, CA

I am a longtime client of Dr. Karr. Rodney provides wonderful care and support of my emotional well-being. I am grateful for his gentleness of spirit, the loving and safe environment he creates, his experience, and his guidance through challenging issues and difficult times. I am facing deeper challenges, growing and flourishing as a result – in part – of my work with Rodney. I cannot recommend him highly enough.

greg s., Oakland, CA

Dr Karr is a very compassionate and caring therapist and psychologist. I have seen several mental health professionals in my life, and he has, by far, helped me the most. He incorporates both traditional and non-traditional techniques into his practice, which I find highly effective. If you’re a sensitive soul, this is the man for you.

richard f., Concord, CA

I’m 65 years old and have had a drinking problem all of my adult life. I got by but had no real optimism for the future. For years I’d pretty much rejected all offers of help. When it came to the bottom line of rehab, which there was no $ for, some behavior therapy, or possibly losing my family, I found Dr Karr. I was surprised at once because he didn’t fit into any of my visions of what a behavior therapy psychologist was like. Dr Karr comes across as a guy who is who he is and wanted to help me find out who I am. Over a period of about one year there was a gradual but solid transition to a view of life as a clean canvas that I could paint however I wanted. I just needed help learning how to paint again. He introduced me to one person he knew with a somewhat similar history as mine and I now have new friends, a new business, a saved marriage, 8 months clean and sober and a connection to my native spirituality that I never had before. Dr Karr may not be for everyone, but he was right for me. I’ll be eternally grateful to him and would recommend him to anyone. My guess is he’ll be able to help you too if you just give “yourself” a chance.

michelle c., San Francisco, CA

I started seeing Dr. Karr on the suggestion of my husband who is also his client. I watched my husband grow in so many ways during the time he saw Dr. Karr. It was amazing. I have been trying therapy for the past 10 years, and I have never had any luck. Then I went to Dr. Karr. He made me feel comfortable and he helped me discover things that no one else had been able to do before. He validated my thoughts and feelings and I felt like he understood me, right away too. After every visit with Dr. Karr, I feel hopeful about myself and my therapy. I am so happy I took the suggestion to see him. I recommend him highly.

liam c., Coronado, CA

Dr. Rodney Karr is an excellent therapist! I have been a client of his for the past 4 years. I have seen 4 therapists in the past 15 years and Dr. Karr was the first and only one that I felt would truly challenge me emotionally, intellectually, and spiritually while at the same time support me through those journeys. His insights are provocative and his feedback meaningful. We developed rapport quickly and easily and at the same time Dr. Karr has remained professionally detached. I started seeing Dr. Karr during a particularly troubling transition in my life and I was feeling cut off from enjoying and experiencing life. An important part of my spiritual practice had been an inipi ceremony, commonly referred to as a “sweat lodge”, and I had not been participating for some time. Dr. Karr encouraged me to get back in touch with this purification ceremony and this suggestion was invaluable. Every aspect of my life is enriched as a result of this suggestion and I am forever grateful to Dr. Karr for seeing how important this was to my inner life. I highly recommend anyone see Dr. Rodney Karr!

Paul P., San Francisco, CA

I’ve seen Dr. Karr for about 6 months now, and I can’t say enough good things about him. He’s helped me through the toughest period of my life. He’s engaging, dynamic, personable, sensitive, and, most importantly, insightful. What I find particularly compelling is his willingness to share his own experiences while counseling me. Among other things, I find this fosters a level of trust I have not had with previous therapists. I have seen a number of therapists over the years and Dr. Karr is, by far, the best.

Lynx C., San Ramon, CA

Dr. Karr has been invaluable to me over the years, and I can’t recommend him enough. I saw him for 7 years for multiple personality disorder and PTSD, and his careful, gentle approach was exactly what we needed. If you’ve got a problem, and you’re looking for help, Rodney’s the person to see; and if he doesn’t think he’s the right person for the job, he’s honest enough to tell you so, and point you at someone more appropriate. Moreso than you can reasonably ask of anyone.

Justin G., San Francisco, CA

I liked Rodney as soon as I met him; I could tell that he “got” not only me but what I was hoping to explore and talk about – on more levels than one. His personality, demeanor, attention and memory (I’m always impressed when he remembers a character in my life that I’ve mentioned only once in passing) and additionally his wonderful office (I could spend hours exploring the books and treasures he’s collected) make me instantly comfortable and I sincerely look forward to seeing him each week, and am disappointed if I have to miss an appointment. His conversational technique and sincere interest in who you are and how you are doing are, I think, quite unique and special and make me very happy to have found this person. Rodney is a magical and perceptive soul that anyone would be lucky to have in their life. Recommended, A+

Stefen B., San Francisco, CA

Dr. Rodney Karr is an amazing psychologist I have worked with for going on three years. He has assisted me with a high degree of compassion and professionalism through issues of addiction, dysfunctional relationships, sexual abuse and self-esteem. I recommend him highly!

top b., Lafayette, CA

I’ve been seeing Dr. Karr (simply, Rodney) for almost two years. He’s helped me through quite a few transitions, and I am more grounded today thanks in large part to his guidance. Rodney’s connection with nature, spirit and ancient wisdoms are especially helpful to me. His offices are very comfortable and have become safe havens for, I’m sure, many clients.

Kurt G., San Francisco, CA

I’ve seen Rodney for a little over a year now and have been very pleased with my own progress and with Rodney’s patience and excellent listening and retention skills. I think what I most like and appreciate is that although Rodney has a background in Jungian therapy (or at least in using that approach) he has a much broader sense of the world, of alternate energies and forms of balance and communication. We will frequently use tarot cards as another form of gathering information, of tuning into my intuition. I also value and appreciate the times that Rodney shares perspectives from his own experience, as the analogies often ring true for me. As a gay man, I find it of great comfort to have a gay therapist who views the world from a very broad and intuitive perspective.

Hanielz C., San Francisco, CA

During the year we’ve worked together, Dr. Karr has helped me through a career transition, anxiety, and mid-life crises. As an Asian-American, I appreciate his sensitivity to ethnic identity and family issues. Of course, he’s well versed in dealing with a multitude of gay issues. Dr. Karr’s interactive style reflects his compassion and ability to be present for people. He’s truly committed to helping folks based on their individual needs.

Tim D., San Francisco, CA

Rodney Karr is a great psychologist. My sessions with him have ranged from practical problem focused work, to dream analysis and spiritual stuff. If you are looking to do therapy with an experienced elder, check out Dr Karr. (p.s. he takes insurance.)

Jack D., Orinda, CA

Rodney is an amazing person and psychologist. He’s obviously very experienced as a therapist and offers valuable insights on subtle nuances that I believe others would typically miss. Rodney is fully present in our meetings and offers a refreshingly different perspective than I would otherwise get in my day-to-day life. Without a doubt, I can recommend Dr. Karr to others who are seeking to grow and blossom as individuals.

Chris C., Martinez, CA

I’ve been seeing Dr. Karr since mid-January 2009. He was the third on my list to call, but the only one to return my call promptly and be available to see me within a couple of days. I am amazed by his ability to remember details of my life that we have discussed at previous sessions. He has identified me as a “Highly Sensitive Person”, which by reading the book of the same name has allowed me to understand myself & my personality more. I feel very comfortable in the “living room” of his Walnut Creek office, and it is more like having a conversation with a friend, than it does therapy. However, I feel “cleansed” and refreshed after each session. I hope to continue to see Rodney for quite some time.

P A., San Francisco, CA

Dr. Karr has been a great help for me. He is very easy to talk to and has allowed me to open up in ways I really needed to. He is helping me overcome my addiction and it’s allowing me to strengthen my relationship. I appreciate his sharing of personal experiences and his words speak true wisdom.

Jim Y., San Francisco, CA

Rodney Karr has been part of our family for 25 years. When I first met my partner he was a regular client of Dr Karr’s. Since then, I’ve also begun seeing him. He has helped us with both with more issues than I can recount here — but, include personal growth, family counseling, childhood trauma, and most recently navigating a serious health crisis. What makes Rodney such a good therapist in my opinion is his compassion, intuition, willingness to share some of his own experiences, and most importantly an ability to listen without judgment. I’ve come to think of him as a community elder, a spiritual partner, and an essential friend in surviving life’s many ups and downs. I know our family has been healthier as a result of our long association. On a more practical level, Dr Karr’s offices are a marvelous feast for the senses, and inspire relaxation and emotional intimacy. Rodney is also very responsible and responsive when scheduling appointments. I highly recommend Dr Rodney Karr to anyone seeking to improve their journey along life’s path.

Philip W., San Francisco, CA

I’ve only been seeing Dr. Rodney Karr for 6 months, but I can tell you he is by far the best therapist I have ever worked with. He is helping me address childhood trauma, self-esteem, and health (cancer) issues. He listens deeply & remembers details I forgot I told him, drawing connections that amaze me. He is professional, sensitive, intelligent, intuitive, compassionate, profoundly insightful, offering wisdom in spiritual dimensions as well as the practical. His office is as comfortable as he is.

Joe N., San Francisco, CA

I have been one of Rodney’s regular clients for about six years. I am consistently impressed with his sensitivity, insight, and compassion. He has helped me through several major life challenges, and he continues to coach me to become more honest with myself, more aware of my personal truth. Perhaps most important, he guides me to take responsibility for myself, and to take action in the world. As a result, I feel more empowered in my life. I had seen a few other therapists before I met Rodney, and there are several things that I think set Rodney apart from many of his peers. As a gay man, I appreciate that he is extremely sensitive to, experienced with, and well versed in gay issues. I appreciate that he is comfortable discussing my personal spirituality, which is not a subject that I can discuss openly with most of the people in my life. He is extremely intelligent, and is able to make connections and offer insights that I could not have discovered on my own. He also has an amazing capacity to retain information – so many times I have been shocked that he is able to recall detailed information that I have mentioned in previous sessions, never expecting that he would remember a fraction of it. I have never met a better listener! I highly recommend Rodney to anyone needing support, expert guidance, and unwavering compassion.

Al Y., San Francisco, CA

I have been working with Dr. Karr for over three years now. Simply put, he is awesome. It took me over a year and five therapists before finding a therapist that I trust and matched my communication style. I found Dr. Karr through his website. After reading about him I decided to give him a call. It turned out to be one of the best things I have ever done for myself and my family. I have already recommended him to many family and friends. Unlike other therapist that I have worked with, he always returns my call promptly when I needed his guidance urgently. He is also a great listener and offers meaningful insights. I truly enjoy my journey of introspection and personal growth with him. Hopefully I will be fortunate enough to have him in my life for many years to come.

R M., San Francisco, CA

Dr. Karr is a really great guy. He’s insightful, compassionate, smart, down to earth, and professional. When I was shopping for a therapist, I left a few messages out and Dr. Karr was the only one that took the time to return my call. I enjoy our session and the opportunity of meeting with someone that is there to help me put my pieces together in a non-judgmental way. Just go for it.

M E., San Francisco, CA

Dr Karr provides a unique and refreshing approach to therapy, by employing spiritual and shamanistic methods to help his patients, as well as contemporary techniques. He provides a safe space in which to explore deep-seated issues, and is incredible at arming you with your own tools to explore them independently too. I highly recommend him.

michael a., San Francisco, CA

Dr. Karr is an extraordinarily good therapist. I’ve worked with him for several years on issues related to chronic illness, relationships, childhood trauma, etc. He’s insightful, compassionate, smart, down to earth, and professional.

John S., San Francisco, CA

If you are looking for a humdrum, cookie-cutter, approach to therapy, Rodney Karr is not your choice. However, if you seek a therapist versed in both the profound and the mundane; if you seek a comrade and a guide, a shaman and a scientist; if you are looking for someone unafraid to transcend–or transform–the levels of your understanding, then, with confidence, I recommend the services, and the sanctuary, of Dr. Rodney Karr. I have been working with Rodney for nearly two years. In that time, he has helped me deal with anxiety and low self-esteem by teaching me new coping mechanisms, and introducing me to the concepts of his forerunner, Carl Jung. Apparently, Jung forwarded the idea of psychological archetypes; he believed the unconscious could be best accessed through dreams, art, mythology, and religion. With this understanding, one better appreciates Rodney’s San Francisco office; clearly, it is a collaborator in Rodney’s success. Equal parts museum, temple, and library, adorned with statues, paintings, candles, and other ritualistic items, it has an air of wonder–even magic–about it. After nearly two years of weekly meetings, I continue to enter with a sense of awe, a knowing that within this sanctuary my hidden self will find the confidence and conviction to emerge. Whatever the environment, Rodney has the ability to put one at ease; our appointments feel more like conversations (complete with a cup of tea!) than therapy sessions. In creating this sense of camaraderie and alliance, Rodney helps get past the resistance–and to the issues at hand. Rodney’s greatest attribute is in refusing to take a cookie-cutter approach; he will expand the conversation per the preference, or acumen, of his client. With me, Rodney initially focused on the mundane, on my anxiety and chronic job dissatisfaction. We began with a discussion of successful work habits, augmented by some popular books on the subject. After helping me achieve stability with work, we progressed to a “familiar” sphere, touching upon Constellation therapy, connecting my self-image to family relationships–past and present. From there, we proceeded inward, to the shadow-self, discussing the possible motives behind my self-destructive tendencies. Probing further still, discovering my interest in the paranormal, Rodney expanded our discussion to include past lives, spirit guides, and family daemons. (There is more of the shaman in Rodney than I let on, but I leave these details to another’s review.) As I hope this review attests, Rodney’s sessions are anything but humdrum and his office, like some mystical conduit, only seems to inspire, and safeguard, every leg of the journey. I conclude as I began, by strongly recommending the insights and guidance, the services and sanctuary, of Dr. Rodney Karr.

Jill B., Concord, CA

Dr. Rodney Karr has been the best therapist my family and I have ever worked with. He is patient, non-judgmental, kind, compassionate, caring, and empathetic. He is very supportive and always, always, always responsive. He modifies his approach to make certain he can reach each of his patients. He has taught my family many coping skills and strategies to deal with various situations that each of us are confronted with on a daily basis. He genuinely cares about his patients well being. He has helped my family deal with unanticipated illness, health issues, blended family issues, and adolescent issues. He is always professional and the #1 advocate for his clients. He has worked collaboratively with other health care professionals to make sure members of my family got the appropriate care and treatment and helped identify and obtain additional services that were needed. Dr. Karr also recommended a number of books that helped my family and I understand how to communicate better with each other. The extended office hours Dr. Karr offers minimized the amount of time my family had to miss work and school. I highly recommend Dr. Karr. He has been a lifesaver for my family and taught us many things about ourselves, others and life in general.

Lisa H., San Francisco, CA

What has impressed me most about working with Dr. Karr for the last two years is his compassion, attentiveness and effectiveness. He immediately makes you feel comfortable and safe no matter what you are talking about. One of my favorite qualities of Dr. Karr’s is his ability to always remember your stories, people in your lives – anything and everything you have ever mentioned to him. Under his care I have become much more grounded and effectual in living my life on my own terms, something I had been craving for years. I am very comfortable recommending Dr. Karr to anyone who is looking for a safe place to start working on healing yourself from the inside out.

Jeff T., San Francisco, CA

Rodney Karr is one of the few truly outstanding professionals that I have worked with in any field. He approaches his craft with great seriousness, and has developed an extraordinary depth of insight into the human condition. At once creative, disciplined and practical.

stephanie W., San Francisco, CA

I have known several psychologists, some very good. Rodney is my top pick. Intuitive, brilliant, sensitive in ways than most people are used to. As a Jungian psychologist, he understands cultural roots and comparative mythologies, and how they relate to a person’s personal psychology and family. Also, he displays great taste in how he sets up and decorates his office. Artistically inclined, erudite, with an excellent library, he offers many relevant references. Spiritual art from many places decorate his office. He has studied various forms of healing and meditation. I have evolved with his feedback, and taken great pleasure in the relationship.

m m., San Francisco, CA

Dr. Karr has had a large impact on my life. He has been a true blessing. He has worked with me over the course of 9 years on and off, and has assisted me to cope with various life transitions and losses. He has guided me in my spiritual and emotional development, and I believe that without his guidance and wisdom, I would not have seen the fruits of success I enjoy today. By success, I mean being a much happier, more self-aware, and confident person. Life still has it’s ups and downs but I am better able to cope with difficulties, thanks to the new perspectives I continue to gain in the process of therapy with Dr. Karr.