Licensed Psychologist, #PSY6906
Individual Psychotherapy
Cognitive / behavioral and Jungian approaches

Serving San Francisco and the Bay Area for the past 30 years

Life Coaching/Worldly and Life Experinces

As a student of Carl Jung and of Carl Jung’s spiritual colleagues, Gurjieff and Ospensky, Dr. Karr believes strongly in the value of worldly experiences facilitating a person becoming whole and fully human. Dr. Karr, like Carl Jung, is a person of the world. He has been an artist, a poet, a philosopher, businessman, a teacher, an architect & designer, a filmmaker, a spiritual teacher, a student, an author, and has worn the mantle of numerous other roles.

Chateau Tivoli, Landmark mansion – restored by Dr. Karr and his partner Bill


Examples from Dr Karr’s life

Dr. Karr and his partner have been together for thirty-three years. They have taken on a number of business projects together. They restored three landmark Victorian buildings in San Francisco , including the Chateau Tivoli, which is at 1057 Steiner street , corner of Golden Gate Avenue , and the Charles Hinkel house and carriage house at 280 Divisadero Street near Haight. They created and operated the Chateau Bed and Breakfast Inn for over twelve years. Dr. Karr was for many years heavily involved in the historic preservation movement including The Victorian Alliance in San Francisco and the Alamo square neighborhood association.

Dr. Karr was the Director of the San Francisco Institute of the Healing Arts between 1988 and 1995. He created this non-profit to support and facilitate the view that poetry, art and music are emotional and spiritual healing arts. The institute hosted poetry readings, musical performances, and salons at the Chateau Tivoli as part of the San Francisco Institute for the Healing Arts.

Dr. Karr is currently in the process of incorporating the Monarch Bear Institute and Monarch Bear Films as a non-profit designed to promote documentary films concerning the sacred land creatures and people and history of California. Dr. Karr has been directing and producing a series of documentaries concerning the above for the last two years. The core film of this film series concerns the famous Monarch Bear, who is the bear upon the State Flag of California and was the last California grizzly bear.

He supports client’s worldliness in developing success and creativity in many arenas. He has challenged himself to follow the ideals of the western renaissance concerning developing oneself as a multidimensional and multifaceted human being. He is experienced and comfortable within a wide variety of contexts, cultures, social classes, and activities. A part of his work may include life coaching concerning developing the traits and abilities of successful creative people. Dr. Karr believes strongly in creating a balance between one’s deep inner life and world and one’s life and relationships with others in the material world. It is Dr. Karr’s belief that developing a well functioning and successful life is necessary towards creating the groundedness, harmony and self- confidence requisite to enter deep inner worlds of dreams, visions, and art. Dr. Karr works with artists, introverts, and mystics to develop better social, business, and world skills. Dr. Karr also works with business executives to develop their deep inner spiritual artistic and creative abilities.

Dr. Karr’s Jungian philosophy supports the notion that through psychotherapeutic work, clients move towards wholeness. Wholeness means that a person reclaims and develops the aspects of themselves that have been ignored, neglected, or unconscious. The wholeness concept works towards exploding a limited, small concept of self and substituting a big picture, expansive concept of self. Most people create a false persona concept of themselves, which then limits their identity and experience of life. Dr. Karr supports his clients exploring new territories in their life, which for an artist might mean becoming a successful business person, and for a successful business person becoming a creative artist. This includes for men exploring their feminine side (anima) and for women exploring their masculine side (animus). This process ultimately leads also to men developing their deeper masculine (animus), and women developing their deeper feminine (anima).